124 floors up…!

Saturday we went to the Dubai Mall – an enourmous shopping centre right next to the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. We’ve never seen anything like it, a ridiculous amount of shops, as well as an aquarium, a 4 storey waterfall, an ice rink, and a 22 screen cinema.

In most normal shopping centres you have a couple of electronics shops stocking all the big brands – in here each brand has their own shop! (Samsung, Canon, Olympus, Bose, Sony, etc…)

There’s also a section called Fashion Avenue which was full of shops Morag wanted everything from but couldn’t afford any of – Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Armani to name a few. But Armani doesn’t just have a shop, they also have a hotel and a cafe! Suffice to say we stuck with Costa for our coffee!

Just along from the Armani Cafe was one of the many entrances, this one being the posh one with valet parking – 100 dirhams for a man to drive it into the car park for you, or 200 dirhams if you were really rich and wanted to just leave your car outside…

Opposite this entrance was the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and something that you can’t really describe – it just goes up and up and up! We’d booked a trip up to the viewing deck, 124 floors up, which we timed to be able to watch the sun set over Dubai from there – it was definitely worth it as the views were amazing!

After that we went back down for tea at one of the restaurants beside the lake as this is where they do the Dubai Fountain show – a water and light show set to music. They do a different one every 30 minutes so we got to watch 2 while having our tea, and then a 3rd from right next to the lake.

In the end we spent 7 hours at the Dubai Mall – officially the longest I’ve ever spent (and probably ever will spend) in a shopping centre!!



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