Tokyo – First Day

Following our late arrival on Monday, Tuesday was our first proper day in Tokyo and a chance to get out and explore.
Tokyo City Street

We headed up to the Akihabara gadget town which is a collection of shops selling a ridiculous range of electronic goods. We went into one for a nosey, it looked fairly small from the outside but once inside we realised there were 7 floors! Looks of things to play with including some 3D golf…
Mo playing 3D golf in Akihabara gadget town

After a bit more looking around that neighbourhood we went in search of some food. We found 2 places right next to each other serving food, one with no-one outside, and one with a big queue. So we joined the queue. We both had the same, a salmon and salmon roe sushi thing (that’s probably not the technical term) which was basically salmon, inside a rice ball, wrapped in seaweed. Proper Japanese food and it was ace, tasted great and more filling than its size suggested.
Sushi time!

Next up that day was a sumo match – we were quite lucky as it’s only on 3 times a year in Tokyo. We walked up and knew we were getting close when we saw this guy in the street!
Sumo in the street

The arena was massive, much bigger than I thought it would be! We stayed for a couple of hours and watched various ceremonies and matches, some were over in a couple of seconds, others went on much longer with some of the wrestlers holding on when it seemed impossible. One match had a large guy against a much larger guy, at one point the large guy seemed to have everything outside the circle except his feet, but the larger guy couldn’t quite finish him. In the end, the large guy decked the larger guy and won!

On the way home we nipped into what we thought was a Japanese restaurant but it turned out to be an Indian! And a very average one at that – I tried a new beer though.
Martin with a Kirin

We then popped in past the shop on the way home and Mo bought a can of Jack Daniels Highball and enjoyed it back at the hotel room in her kimono!
KimoMo with her Highball


  • Mum M says:

    New recipes for when u get back home.! Weather looks fine with the lovely blue sky. And a picture or two for Ewen ! Thanks for all the info and pics.xxxx

  • Andy says:

    Lovin it, feel like getting my Kimono on and watching the telly on the floor 😀
    Can I just be the first to say “JDM as….”

  • grandad (via mumk!!) says:

    What are you doing in your spare time?????? Great to be able to follow your progress!

    • martin says:

      Hi Grandad!

      Having a great time, despite the snow in Japan. Send you a postcard soon. Lots of love to you and Gran xxx

      P.S. What spare time?!

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