Tokyo – Mount Fuji and Bullet Train

Wednesday we were up early as we had booked onto a day trip to Mount Fuji. We started off by getting on the subway at the back of 8, and very much feeling like sardines – proper squashed in. Could have been worse though, the tour guide told us later that day that they used to employ people to literally push the passengers onto the train when it was busy!

We then got on our tour bus and headed out through Tokyo with the guide telling us a lot of interesting things as we passed through. At one point she told us about the signs beside the motorway that mean babies are sleeping, drive quietly! It was at this point I went to take a photo of one of them and discovered I’d forgotten the memory card for my camera – ARGHHH!!!!

After a bit of a huff I made do with the camera on my phone and started taking photos as soon as Mount Fuji came into view.
First sight of Mount Fuji

Apparently we got very lucky with the weather as you could see it right to the top – it’s common for a lot, if not all of it, to be hidden behind the cloud.
Morag and Mount Fuji Martin and Mount Fuji

At our first stop one of the other tourists on our bus very kindly lent us his camera to take photos with for┬áthe rest of the day and is going to email them to us (I’ll put them up as soon as he has!). The other unexpected thing at that stop was the weather…there was lots of snow on the ground!

Then it was back on the bus and up to the ‘First Step’, 1,291m up Mount Fuji. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any further up as the snow gates were shut, but it still gave us a good view and a chance for some more photos.

We stopped at the ‘Highland Resort’ hotel (very Scottish) for lunch and then had a look around at the museum and the shops – where we discovered the Japanese are also fans of Thomas the Tank Engine…
Thomas Land

…and they even have their own character
Hiro the Tank Engine

We then headed to our next stop, a boat tour and cable car ride at Lake Ashi. We got some great views from the cable car on the way up but once we got outside at the top we didn’t want to stay too long – it was properly freezing!!

Back at the bottom we browsed the shops and took some photos with the local stuffed toys (they’re on the camera, so will be coming soon!) and then bought some Sake to try back at home.

Mo also made use of the kiddies toys outside…
Morag and Sunlight the Panda

Last leg of the tour was the bullet train home which cut the 2 hour bus journey down to 36 minutes! I was amazed at how much room there was, as well as how clean and quiet it was – the kind of public transport I don’t mind getting!
Martin and the Bullet Train

Once back in Tokyo we picked a place to eat just outside the station and got our own booth complete with sliding door to eat in. I was glad of the privacy as we had no choice but to eat with chopsticks (or the salad tongs…)
Morag the chopstick expert

And to finish off we popped downstairs to the very Japanese Rose and Crown pub – which had some interesting things on the menu
Fried Haggis anyone?
(P.S. I’ve tried to rotate this photo but it keeps going the wrong way when I put it on the site!!)

P.P.S. Mum M, read your email! x


  • Mum M says:

    Thanks once again for all that most interesting update! Still waiting on the e-mail coming through but will keep checking. xx

  • mum k says:

    I just love chatting to you on Skype. Sounds as though you have made very good use of your time in Tokyo. Will let you know what the class thinks of the new character in Thomas – can you imagine Ringo Starr managing a Japanese accent?? love to both xx

  • Ella says:

    Hi Martin, Hope you have a lovely trip!!
    Lynsey just fixed my pivottable, you are not missed so far…Kidding:)))

    Enjoy yourselves!!!

    Ella & Lynsey(She is standing beside me by the way)

  • mum k says:

    Wanted to wish you a happy Burns Night! Don’t suppose you can get haggis sushi? xx

    • Mo says:

      Haha no, doesn’t appeal to the Japanese masses strangely? Went to a very Japanese restaurant last night though – shoes off at the door and sitting on wee mats. Was lovely! Will update properly from Thailand – flying there tonight. Love you xxx

  • Aunty A says:

    Great to catch up with you. Japan sounds exciting and you’ve got snow there when all we have at home is rain and more rain!!! Love from the Macs.

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