Nagoya – Yuko and Chizuru, Karaoke

Monday morning was our last in Tokyo so it was time to fit everything back into our bags and head off – but this time not for the airport, as we were taking a bus! I’m not a big fan of buses, or public transport in general, but as I’d already discovered, Japan knows how to do it well, and the bus was no expection.

First off you check in and sit in depatures waiting for your bus to arrive, then your on and into your own seperate seat with reclining back and footrest.
Reclining seats, plenty of room

And if you fancy a nap…
Pull down shade

But best of all is the bus etiquette (as detailed on their website) which includes phones on silent, no music blaring from headphones, no smelly or noisy food, no loud conversations and you have to ask the person behind you before you tilt your seat back. All in it made for the quietest bus journey I’ve ever had!

Once we arrived at Nagoya station we had about a mile to walk to the hotel – not normally a big deal but throw in the 16kg bags we both had on our backs and it felt like a lot further!

Just before we left for the trip we visited my Auntie Olive who it turned out had a friend in Nagoya, so we arranged to meet up. At 4, Yuko and her friend Chizuru met us in the lobby and took us for a tour of nearby Nagoya. First we walked up back the Science Museum (which included the largest planetarium in the world) and the Modern Art Museum. We then walked to one of the nearby temples, where Yuko and Chizuru explained some of the traditions that take place.
Martin, Morag, Chizuru and Yuko in Nagoya

Next was the market area beside the temple, similar to the one we had visited in Tokyo, where they bought us some Japanese goodies, a kind of waffle in the shape of a fish with a sweet bean paste filling, and small dough balls with a sugar soy coating – both very nice!

After that we continued through the market area with our new tour guides telling us about lots of the different Japanese things that were for sale, before we stopped at another food place for a delicacy from the west of Japan – Octopus Balls!
Morag eating Octopus Balls

These were balls of batter with a filling that included a small bit of octopus tentacle – again, they were very tasty.

After that we decided to go for one more traditional Japanese past time – karaoke! We went to a place called Karaoke Joy Joy and booked out a room. Mo and I were a little apprehensive at first as neither of us had sung karaoke without at least a couple of drinks to get us going, but it was still really good fun.
Chizuru and Yuko giving it their all!

A sing along classic…
Hey Jude!

Then to finish the night Yuko took us to a British pub for a drink before taking us back to the hotel. It was great to meet both Yuko and Chizuru and Morag and I want to say thank you to them both for showing us the sights of Nagoya.

British Pub in Nagoya

And finally, this one is for Dan and Colin, I’m sure they’ll find it funny:
Agent Knees


  • Mum M says:

    What a great opportunity to have met up with Yoko and Chizuru.
    I think we would all use public transport if it was Japanese sytle!
    Lots of love and all the best in Thailand too.xx

  • grandad (via mumk!!) says:

    Looking at your photos with Fi after enjoying our Scottish version of octopus…fish and chips!! Carry on enjoying life! love from grandad xx

  • mum k says:

    Spectacular lanterns! Lots of amazing images. Little worried about the lack of cars – hope Martin hasn’t moved his allegiance to buses!!!! Hope you have a wee rest on your islands. Looking forward to our next Skype. lots of love xx

  • Dan says:

    HAHAHA. Those knees! I hope you kept yours away, the Japanese would freak out seeing those pointy hairy bad boys 😀

    The photo’s and blog is great, keep it coming.

  • Chizuru says:

    Hi, guys! It was lots of fun. I already miss you two..
    Let’s sing together again some day!
    I recognise the menu of “another pub”….It’s Hub, right?
    Your blog is both beautifully designed and a pleasure to read.
    And I love it!!!

    • martin says:

      Hi Chizuru! Great to hear from you and yes you’re right, it is the Hub! Glad you’re enjoying the blog, I’ve let it get a little out of date but I’ll catch it up soon. We head for Australia today!

  • Yuko says:

    It was really nice meeting both of you! As we’re still in cold weather, I’m glad you are enjoying sunshine on beaches now.
    I’m looking forward to keeping up with this blog. Take care and have fun!
    Hoping to see you again soon!

    • martin says:

      Hi Yuko! Yep it’s been great to get some sunshine and heat but we loved Japan even in the cold! Speak to you soon

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