After our whistle-stop tour of Nagoya, we were on a bus bound for Kyoto for an even tighter schedule! Although apparently we were the only ones doing this as we left the bus station
Bus to ourselves!

We saw the usual collection of interesting things on the journey
Kyoto here we come Not as warm as it looks Extreme origami

Once there, it was a short train ride and a wee walk to our hotel, and what a nice surprise it was. Very posh looking from the moment we walked into reception, and the room didn’t disappoint either. It was far bigger than anything else we had had in Japan, with a full size double bed covered in extra comfy bedding. We had also been told as we¬†checked in that there was a sauna bath for use by the guests on the second floor. More on that later…

After some online research we headed out to a well reviewed Japanese restaurant which turned out to be very authentic – we had to take our shoes off at the door and the seats were sunk into the floor so it was like you were sitting on the ground. Mo had octopus and I had the slightly more familiar pork belly – both very nice.

Once back at the hotel we decided to get on our kimonos and head for the public bath. The information pack in the room stated that kimonos were allowed on the way to the baths but no swimming costumes – seemed fair enough, you can’t have guests walking around the hotel in their bikinis and speedos! When we got there, there were 2 doors, one for male, one for female, so we headed in and planned to meet in the baths. However, after both doing a quick exploratory peek inside we soon realised the no swimming costumes rule didn’t just apply for the walk there – it was a nude baths! Which also explained why there was a separate bath for men and women! At this point we chickened out and headed back to our rooms.

The following morning we jumped on a bus and headed out to the Kinkaku-ji Temple, which featured a spectacular gold building
Mo at the Kinkaku-ji Temple

As well as a very quiet and scenic gardens
Lake and gardens at Kinkaku-ji Temple

The rest of the day involved arranging our transport to the airport that evening, checking out of the hotel, writing postcards and taking a very long walk to find a 7/11 that we could use the cash machine in.

And that was our last day in Japan as we jumped on a train for Osaka airport and our flight to Bangkok!
Hello from Japan!

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