Nagoya – Toyota Auto Museum and Science Museum

Due to the short amount of time we were going to be there, the second day of our time in Nagoya was pretty non-stop. We headed out on the metro to visit the Toyota Auto Museum (guess who wanted to do this one…) which is a large collection of both old and new Toyotas as well as other cars from around the world. The museum is right across the road from the Toyota Research and Development complex where they come up with all their new ideas.

The first section was historical cars from around the world, including something eerily close to a car, designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1480
1480's car by da Vinci

…and a (massive) car fit for a president
President Roosevelt's Car

Mo even managed to find a favourite
Mo with a pink Caddilac

Upstairs the exhibition moved on to the history of Japanese cars with a wide range of cars, big and small

Right up to the latest form of transport from Toyota
Mo with her new way of getting around

In addition, there was a special extra exhibition on motorsport which had just started that day (lucky me!). They had cars from lots of different class of motorsport that Toyota are involved in
Toyota motorsport from the 60s ...and the 90s

Including Formula 1
Martin with Toyota F1 Car

Then it was back into town and up to the Science Museum and Planetarium that we had seen the night before.

There was a wide range of cool and interactive displays, although we had to rush round them a bit as we only had about an hour and a half before we had to be at the planetarium for the last show of the day.

Inside what is the largest planetarium in the world we took our, very reclined seats, and waited for the lights to go down. Then over the next 45 minutes the ceiling was turned into the night sky, as well as flying us through our galaxy and out into the wider universe. It was visually amazing but unfortunately our lack of Japanese meant we couldn’t get the added benefit of the commentary to go with it.

Once finished, we went looking for somewhere to eat and ended up in another pub, this one with a few familiar tastes of home
Mackie's crisps in Nagoya, Japan Deeside water in Nagoya, Japan

We stayed there for some food and a few drinks before taking a walk home through the streets of Nagoya
Mo in the fairylit streets of Nagoya

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