Koh Lanta and Krabi

Once our time in Koh Samui was over, we booked a minivan transfer to take us to Koh Lanta, on the other side of Thailand. We were getting picked up at 6.30am, which didn’t really agree with Mo as she was still feeling the after effects of the out of date Bacardi Breezers!

We thought the transfer involved a short minivan ride, then a ferry, then another minivan, but actually it turned out to be minivan, ferry, bus, then a 3 hour minivan drive including 2 more ferries! But we eventually made it and arrived in the Lanta Pearl Beach Resort.

Our accomodation here was a ‘bungalow’, which is a sort of small cabin on stilts in a jungle surrounding at the back of the reception/restaurant/bar building. It was very basic, and I suppose you might say ‘rustic’! The bathroom had a roof, but it wasn’t attached to the walls so there was a big gap to the outside world and anything that fancied joining us.

Once we had settled in we headed to the beach which was a massive 3 minutes walk away! It was ace, very different to the one in Koh Samui as here it was much wider, and the sea was much calmer. We sat and watched the sun go down.

Long Beach Koh Lanta Sunset at Koh Lanta

That night we setup the mosquito net but neither of us had a very good sleep, either because of the jungle noises, or worries of who or what might be joining us in the room.

The next morning we decided to get an upgrade to an aircon bungalow as they looked a lot more secure – and our first impressions were great, so much nicer inside with added luxuries like a fridge and TV! However we later discovered it was still open to the outside world as something large and dark ran up the bathroom wall and into a gap at the ceiling!

Once we were into our new room we headed back to the beach and had a great time swimming in the sea and soaking up the sun. We then went to one of the restaurants that was right next to the beach and had a few drinks watching the sunset. We then had a second meal as they fired up the fresh seafood BBQ and we couldn’t resist!

Mo at the restaurant by the beach

Then it was time to head home (via the hotel bar for a quick cocktail) and go to bed. Neither of us slept very well again so that morning (at about 5.30am because we were both wide awake!) we decided it was time to switch resorts. So we got online and found a nice looking wee hotel down the road, had breakfast and jumped on another new form of transport for us. It was basically a motorbike with a side car that had a couple of wee benches and a canopy. So me, Mo, our massive rucksacks and the driver all piled on and headed south to our new hotel.

We instantly loved it, the owners (a couple with a wee 9 month old girl) were so nice, and the room was just what we needed. Big, clean, and with it’s own private balcony.

The view from our balcony

We decided to take a break from the beach that afternoon (its a hard life, I know!) and then headed along the road to a Greek restaurant called El Greco for tea – it was lovely. We also saw the local petrol station on the way…
Koh Lanta petrol station

The next day we went down to the new beach and explored – the sea was even calmer here and there were lots of bars right by the beach where you could escape the sun. We found ourselves a cabana at one of them and chilled out for a while. I also went down into the sea to try out my new snorkel kit that I’d bought the day before. Not a very successful first go but I’ll keep at it!

The next day was more of the same and I spent a lot of time swimming through the coral, where I saw heaps of marine life. I still couldn’t get the snorkel going though, after a few breaths the tube would fill with water. Any experienced divers out there have any tips on what I might be doing wrong?!

While swimming I’d discovered the sea went a long way out without getting any deeper, and later that day when the tide went out, we saw why!

Tide in TIde out

Finally our time by the beaches was over and after one last meal at El Greco we jumped in another minivan tranfser and headed for Krabi.
Mo outside El Greco

The journey was eventful to say the least as the driver was a complete nutcase. Now we’d got used to the fact that driver standards in Thailand are a bit less than what we expect at home but this guy was something else. The whole way there he was flat out, foot to the floor wherever he could, tailgaiting and overtaking into oncoming traffic – a lot! But we did eventually make it to Krabi in one piece, if a little drained! Unfortunately he didn’t drop us where we expected, and nowhere near our hotel so after a bit of persuasion with the company they took us close to our hotel and he driver pointed us in the right direction. Or so we thought but actually he didn’t and it was about half an hour later, after a lot of truding in the heat with the backpacks on that we got to our hotel.

On the way we’d asked directions at a place called Cafe Europa which turned out to be just round the corner so after checking in and dropping our bags we headed there for some nice food and a few drinks. It was a great evening.

Next morning we packed up, nipped back to Cafe Europa for breakfast and then jumped into a taxi for Krabi airport and our short (1 and half hours) flight to Kuala Lumpar.


  • Dan says:

    Mega jealous, looks fantastic!

    Do you have your snorkel attached to your goggles? If you do it might just need adjusting. If it fills with water just blow really hard, takes a bit of practice. Have you done the spit thing in the goggles to stop them steaming up? Nice 😀

    Looks like you’re both having a great time, much love.

    Dan and Suzie

  • Mary Birch says:

    Interesting travel arrangements – makes the Service 57 to Perth look positively luxurious. Stunning photos – particularly like the one with the hairy knee and toe; hope that’s not Mo:)

  • Mum M says:

    I feel a picture or 2 for your wall coming on when you get back home – and maybe mine too !

    And no we’ll never complain about British transport ever again.!!

    Lots of lovexxx

  • mum k says:

    Breathtaking sunset photos…love the one where you are holding the sun! Neither wonder you got burnt! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous. Love you loads xxx

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