Kuala Lumpur – Arrival and the first couple of days

We flew into KL from Krabi although actually the airport is a good 20 miles away from KL so we jumped on a bus to get there. We passed the Sepang Grand Prix circuit outside the airport, then as we were nearing KL, with the skyline in site, we saw a fork of lightning – this was a sign of things to come!

First sight of Kuala Lumpur

From the bus station we then had to get the metro into Chinatown where our hotel was, which we managed fine, but then got very lost outside the metro station and spent a lot longer than we should have traipsing around with our massive rucksacks on.

Once checked in we popped to the Old China Café which is a restaurant just 2 doors down from where we were staying. Then it was a quite night in our room watching the massive downpour flood the road outside!

The next day we headed up to Petaling street, a Chinese market that is a famous place to visit in KL. It’s a number of criss-crossing streets filled with stalls selling a wide range of food, clothes, jewellery and gifts.

Mo at Petaling Street

After that we headed up to the Central Market which was more of a shopping centre than a market, but still had lots of interesting things to browse.

That evening there was a huge lightning storm, lots and lots of flashes and bolts both in the clouds and coming down to the ground – weirdly though, there was very little thunder or rain.

The next day we walked up to the KL Bird Park which is quite unique in that, rather than having all the birds in cages, the whole park is covered with a large net so most of the birds are free to fly around the park. This meant you could get up very close to them

Mo with a Peacock Martin feeding an ostrich

There was lots of colourful birds

Blue bird close up Love birds
3 red birds Scarlet Ibis

And some big ones!

Martin with a giant stork

On top of all the bird life, because sections of the park weren’t under the net, and open to the outside world, some of the local wildlife came for a visit too

Mo with a wild monkey img_1021_24-02-2012

At one point we also watched the bird show where they had the birds perform various tricks including flying through hoops and putting things in the bin!

We also visited the nursery where they had some eggs in an incubator, one of which we watched a baby duck hatch from one of the eggs!

After the bird park we passed the National Mosque and decided to pay a visit, however we first had to put on some appropriate clothing…

Mo at the mosque img_1105_24-02-2012

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  • morag says:

    PS for anyone that knows me well, yes I was pretty scared in the Bird Park being surrounded by things that might peck me! Especially when one of the little ones insisted on following me about for ages!! But I coped 🙂

  • Daniel Clarke says:

    Loving some of the tags on the photo’s – 3 red birds. Haha.

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