Melaka took me a bit by surprise as it was very colonial, lots of European influence on the architecture and places of interest. Our hotel was a nice place right next to the river that runs through the city. They’ve obviously spent a lot of time and money on the riverside as it was vibrant and full of bars, restaurants and guest houses

The river outside our guest house One of the murals

We spent most of our time exploring the streets nearby and trying out some of the popular eating places, including Famosa Chicken Rice Ball where this guy joined us

A gecko joining us for lunch

There was an area right by the river that had a very Dutch feel to it

Mo with a windmill

A popular way for tourists to get around is by rickshaw, and they know how to decorate them in Melaka!

The new Batmobile Rickshaw in Melaka - Brighter than Hi-Viz

We also did some of the tourist sites, including the Maritime Museum which was a large replica of ship kitted out with exhibits inside

Maritime Museum, Melaka Mo and some cannons

And we also took a boat tour to see some of the sights from a different angle. The paintings on the side of the buildings near our guest house were ace

One of the buildings beside the river in Melaka Another shot of the buildings near our guest house

To finish of our last full day in Melaka we went out to tea to a satay place called, cleverly, Capital Satay. Unfortunately it’s a very popular place and after having queued for half an hour, we still had a long way to go so decided to go elsewhere. We ended up in what turned out to be a jazz bar run by a guy from Scotland who’d lived in Oz since he was 9. We both had burgers, me beef and cheese, Mo veggieburger and cheese. However when they came out Mo discovered that this place’s idea a veggieburger was a bun with lettuce, cucumber and tomato…and nothing else. Weird. And the weirdness increased when a guy (I say guy, we couldn’t agree if he was a he, or a she!), who apparently worked there, appeared dressed in some sort of pink cowboy get up. Really weird.

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