Singapore – Sentosa

Singapore – Sentosa

Day 2 and we headed for the island of Sentosa which is at the south of Singapore and is home to lots of tourist attractions, including the famous Merlion

Mo and the Merlion

This statue is 37m tall and is the father of the family of 3 on Singapore (more on the other 2 later).

Also on Sentosa is the Singapore Luge and Skyride chair lift – which we headed straight for. Basically the luge is like a sledge on wheels with handlebars. You sit in it and head off down a big hill – while we waited for our first go, Mo was a little bit on the scared side! (Note by Mo: understatement of the year. I was well scared!!!). To make matters worse it had started pouring down just before we got to the luge so we had to wait quite a while in the hope it would stop. It didn’t so in the end we decided to brave it in the rain. We were a little wet by the time we reached the bottom (new understatement of the year), but Mo loved it!

Wet Mo after the Luge img_1395_26-02-2012

We stayed at the bottom for a while until the rain had eventually died down a bit and then got the chair lift back up. This was my first experience of a  chair lift and I have to admit to being a little uneasy about sitting on a floating bench suspended 40 feet up in the air! But after a couple more goes on it (we did the Luge and chair lift 3 times) I was ok with it.

Martin's feet and the ground, way below!

Sentosa also lays claim to the southernmost point of continental Asia, a small island connected by rope bridge, so we had to take a walk down there.

Most southerly point of Continental Asia img_1424_26-02-2012

There were some lookout posts on the island so I went up to the top to take a look while Mo looked at the view.

Mo down below

While I was up there Mo spotted some purple crabs on the rocks of the shore

Purple crab

Seconds after I took that photo there was quite probably the loudest noise I’ve ever heard directly above us. It was a thunder clap that sounded more like an explosion and made us both jump out of our skin – honestly it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard.

After spending some more time walking around the island we headed back over to the mainland for tea and then home.

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