Shock horror, it’s a new post! aka Singapore – The Zoo

I know I know, it’s been far too long since the last update (over a month, oops!), and I’ve been told off because of it (Mum K, Lynsey…). I blame Australia, it’s too easy to relax and get nothing done here! But anyway, I’ll try and catch up over the next few days so you can all see what we’re doing here in Melbourne.

But first…

Next on the Singapore agenda was the zoo. It was a bit out of the way so we had to get a metro and then a bus but we made it fine, got our tickets and headed in. We’d been going for about 30 seconds when we looked over the edge of the raised walkway we were on and saw this

2 big crocs, and a massive one!

That thing is massive!

The zoo had lots of unusual animals and you could get close to most of them.

Mo with a white tiger in the background A big lizard, this guy was just wandering around the paths!

Some gibbons taking it easy

Chilled out Gibbons

A couple of Asian elephants

An Asian Elephant

A leopard cat, which was the size of a normal house cat, but had fur like a leopard!

Leopard Cat - cool as anything

There’s also a separate post that people like Mum M and anyone else who wouldn’t go into a reptile house SHOULD NOT OPEN – it’s here

After that we headed into the city and back to Boat Quay and a place called Dallas where we had some lovely food and a couple of drinks as we looked out onto the river.

The Fullerton Hotel at night

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