Singapore – F1 spotting

This is one for the F1 geeks amongst you. As the Singapore Grand Prix is a street circuit you can’t really tell where most of the track is unless you really know where to look, but up by the Singapore Flyer is the only permanent piece of the track, along with the pit garages, so I went up for a look.

The first sign was the blacked out lines near one of the roads, this is the 2nd corner of the track

Faint sign of turn 2

And as I got close to the pit garages, I knew I was in the right place

FIA door

Round the other side I walked out into the pit lane and start/finish straight

Start of the pit lane and garages

Then over to the final turn

Final turn with the pit lane entry on the right

And onto the all important finish line (seperate from the start line on this track)

Singapore Grand Prix finish line

Some of the pit garages

Red Bull garages Mclaren Had to get the fellow Scot's garage And even Schumi's! (Just for Dorward)

Pole position and the view to turn 1

Pole position in the Singapore Grand Prix The view to turn 1

Mclaren rubber in the pit box

Mclaren rubber

And some precision marking for the pit stops at Mercedes

Marking at the Mercedes pit box Precision is the key at the pit stop

The kerbs must rattle the teeth, bigger than I thought!

Kerb at the exit of the final turn

Looking back from the entry of the final turn

Looking back from the final turn

At the pit lane entry – someone got onto the brakes a bit too much last year!

Lock up into the pit lane entry

Overall it was cool to have a nosey around something I wouldn’t normally get so close to. I would love to come back for a GP here though!


  • Sam says:

    I like it! Think that would def be one of the better races to see live!

  • Dan says:

    Cool pics Tino. I think Jim and Linda went to see it last year (maybe the year before). Have a look on their pussbook if you get a chance.

    You’re right about those curbs, they’d in hurt in a car with basically no suspension.

    • martin says:

      Cool, I’ll get Mo to do that 🙂

      Aye correct, especially when your backside is on the ground too!

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