Travel to Perth and our first day in Australia!!

Next morning we were up packed and checked out and then headed into the city to get lunch at a place called Lau Pa Sat. Similar to the food market we visited on the first day but a little more upmarket. As it is right in the CBD and it was lunch time, the place was packed but we eventually managed to choose something and grab a table.

Mo at Lau Pa Sat Busy place for lunch

Then we jumped back on the metro to go get our bags from the hotel, treated ourselves to a taxi from the station and back (because it was another scorcher and we didn’t fancy carrying the big bags for half a mile), and back on the metro to head for the airport. After a bit of queuing, and some free Haribo, we were on the plane and heading for Australia! Strange to think after such a whistle stop couple of months taking in so many different countries that our next one would be home for 4 and a half months!

It was dark by the time we landed and after getting through customs etc, we grabbed a taxi and were off to the hostel before finally getting to bed sometime after midnight!

The next day we explored the surrounding area, made easy by the CAT bus which is a local bus route that travels round the centre and which is free!

After getting an idea of the area, we walked home through one of the local parks, and that evening planned our short stay in Perth.


  • mum k says:

    Glad you have finally ‘got’ us to Oz!!! It’s a joy to see sunny photos…keep going, tall boy! You never know, you might get us to Melbourne before you actually leave. LOL
    Nearly happy birthday, by the way xx

  • Mo says:

    Haha cheeky 🙂 we’ll be fully up to date soon I promise!! Lots of love xxx

  • Aunty A says:

    Great to get your updates and you’re obviously having a great time. Just v. jealous of you being in Oz.

    All ok here after the scare with wee Ruby but she’s now back on the mend and amiling away and telling lots of stories!

    E. starts a new job tomorrow in another dept. and is full time so that’s good

    D and W. are good, W went fishing with daddy the other day so say no more!!

    And old uncle and aunty doing fine too.

    Now don’t whatever you do work too hard. All our love from all her. A

  • Aunty A says:

    Just noticed you’re going to Surfer’s Paradise in June, it’s just fab!! L and I stayed a night just up from it in Mermaid Bay en route to Melbourne and walked the beach round to SP. Enjoy.

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