Perth – Tastebud Tours and Fremantle

During the previous day, we had picked up various leaflets and brochures to see what we might do during our time in Perth, and one in particular stood out, the Tastebuds Tour. This was a whistle stop tour of the Swan Valley, just North of Perth, taking in a range of local food and drink producers.

It was a half day tour that started with a pickup from outside our hotel at 8.15am. First up was Yahava Koffee Works where we sampled quite a few different flavours of gourmet coffee and saw the beans coming fresh out of the roaster

Freshly roasted coffee

After that we tried a couple of their flavoured syrups in milk (Yes, Mo drank milk!) and then had a browse round the shop, including some of their mugs

Comedy mug

Next up were Cape Lavender and Mago Coffee, who shared the same building. As you might have guessed, the former specialised in lavender infused products, soaps, face creams, sauces, jams and tea. We were given freshly baked scones to try some of the jams with, yum!

We then walked over to Mago Coffee who had a range of flavoured coffees, Amaretto (which we bought), Rum, Sambuca and Cointreau, as well as 3 types of roasted nuts which we tried (Yes, I ate nuts!).

Next up, Margaret River Hand-Made Chocolate Factory, oh yes! They weren’t shy with their freebies

These were the sample bowls!!

And they had quite a selection of chocolates to buy

That's what I call a selection box

Outside I took a chance to take a picture of our transport for the day, the Tastebuds Tour minivan, and the local scenery/weather

Mo and the Tastebuds Tour van A lovely part of the world

Then back on the van and off to our next stop, Windarra Honey, where we sampled their range of honey, as well as their honey water drink. A sparkling honey flavoured drink that was very refreshing, so we bought a bottle to take to Bri and Marisha’s in Esperance.

Next stop was an ice cream and sweet shop where they did, amongst others, apple pie ice cream! We both decided to get some, but took the basic single scoop option. This was a single scoop…!

Mo with here 'single scoop'... My chocolatey single scoop

Then it was Maggie’s Place, a farm shop style place right by the road selling everything from fresh fruit and veg, to jams, sauces and oils. Maggie had laid on a good tasting spread for us

The tasting spread and Maggie's Place

And we also got a quick tour of the vines

Mo and the vines

Penultimate stop was the Windy Creek Estate Winery where they let us try their 6 whites, 2 rose and 3 reds, so we tried them all…and one of their ports.

Martin and Mo at the Windy Creek Estate

Final stop was the Mondo Nougat factory where we got to try a few flavours, and they even had a car inside!

Fiat 500 in Mondo's Nougat

And that was us! Like I said, whistle stop, and it was only lunch time! (Not that we needed any lunch)

Because it was our last full day in Perth we decided to make the most of it so headed straight to the train station and down the coast to Fremantle.

Fremantle is a small town right on the sea and our first stop was the market. Pretty standard market but I did manage to buy a pair of thongs. Don’t worry, that’s Aussie for flip flops!

We then took a short walk along our first Aussie beach! It was a bit windy but still nice to set foot on the sand.

The beach at Freemantle

We then stopped for some great fish and chips (the morning tastings had worn off) before heading back to Perth.

It had been a long day, and it was an early start the next day so we got packed up and headed to bed!

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