Esperance ahoy!

Monday morning, up before 7am, quick shower and off to pick up the hire car while Mo got ready. We were expecting a Hyundai Getz but ended up with a Holden Barina, basically a Vauxhall Corsa with a boot.

The mighty Holden Barina

Then we hit the road to start the 720km (450 miles) journey to Esperance. It was strange to be driving again, first time I’d done that since the 7th of January, by far the longest time without it since I’d passed my test! It was easy though as they drive on the left here in Australia as well, and I had my trusty navigator (aka Mo) in the passenger seat. Not that she had a hard job, on a few occasions the next step on the directions from Google Maps was along the lines of:

Turn right up ahead, follow road for 180km!

Once we got out of the city we started to get a sense of the size of Western Australia, and how few people lived outside of Perth. It’s over 1 million square miles (3 and half times the size of Texas), but there are only 3m people living there, 90% of who live in Perth!

The road was fairly unexciting with just the odd small town or petrol station to break up the endless countryside stretching as far as you can see. At times, the road was a straight line to the horizon, and at one point we went over 50km without a single corner! There was also very little traffic (at one point we went about 250km between seeing something travelling in the same direction as us), but what there was a few of, was road trains

A common view on the journey A road train

Basically they are like the articulated lorries we get at home, but with an extra one or sometimes two trailers on the back! Not fun to get stuck behind as it takes quite a while to overtake one.

Not where you wanted to be!

There was excitement when Esperance first appeared on the road signs! Still a long way to go though.

First sign for Esperence!

We stopped for lunch in a wee town called Lake Grace, named after the salt lake it is next to that we had passed on the way in – basically a massive dried up lake with a salt bed.

Lake Grace

Other than that, we only stopped for fuel and for a couple of quick stretch my legs opportunities, so before we knew it, we were there!

Welcome to Esperance!

We were later to find out how accurate the blue sign at the bottom is! Despite a sudden rush of turns to make we found Bri and Marisha’s house and were greeted by the lady of the house and Jack the dog.

It was great to meet up with some familiar faces (first time since Dubai for Mo, first time since home for me!) and be made to feel so at home in a proper house. That night we all took Jack for a walk and got our first tour of Esperance, before a couple of drinks back at the house and then bed.

P.S. I’ve updated the last Perth post to include the gallery of all the photos, forgot them last time!

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  • Mum M says:

    Looks like there’s an awful lot of blue sky on the trip to Esperance! Please send us some -just had a shower of hailstones here !! Yes it must have been great for you (and them) to see Bri and Marisha. The Oudney family are on their way back to Australia,leaving London on Sunday.

  • Laura wright says:

    Ah, all looks great guys, very jealous! Maybe I should start something so you can see the rubbish weather we are having back at home xxx

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