Esperance – Beaches, sun tans and hot tubs

During our 6 days in Esperance, Bri unfortunately had to work a lot but Marisha did a great job of being our tour guide!

On the Tuesday she took us along Great Ocean Drive, a scenic route along the coast from Esperance taking in a selection of the amazing beaches in the area. First stop was the lookout point at the top of the town where we could see Esperance and a lot of the surrounding coastline. Stunning!

View from the lookout View from the lookout img_1842_09-04-2012

First beach stop was Salmon beach, where, like the rest of the beaches in the area, the sand is whiter and softer, and the water greener and clearer than I’ve ever seen.

Salmon Beach, Esperance

Next we went to the Observation Point where you can walk up and down from the car park, we went up to the tower first, then down to the sand. The walk back up wasn’t quite so fun!

Observation Point, Esperance It's a long way back to the top!

Our final beach stop was 11 Mile Beach (11 miles from Esperance, not 11 miles long as I first thought!), which was to become our regular beach over the week.

After that we headed away from the coast and past Pink Lake, another salt lake, this time with water, that has a pink tinge in certain lights

Pink Lake, Esperance

Then once we got back to Esperance we headed down to the pier to make the famous local, Sammy the Sealion

Sammy the Sealion, Esperance

That night Mo joined Marisha at the dance class she goes to for some jazz and belly dancing, while me and Bri took it a bit easier. We drank beer in the hot tub that’s in the back garden.

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  • Mary Birch says:

    Last time I saw blue skies like that was in Alaska. Looks fab, glad to hear all going well xx

  • Uncle Bill says:

    Hope you have a great day on Sunday Mo!! Looking forward to hearing all about what you did that day. I’m keeping up to date with all your adventures and am jealous as anything – but so pleased you are having such a good time. Take care – much love, Uncle Bill xx

  • Mo says:

    Thanks Uncle Bill! We are going on a “Chocoholic Tour” of Melbourne…I think I’m in for a good day 🙂 hope you’re well, lots of love xxx

  • Mum M says:

    Blue skies, green water and white sand – you’ve had the lot . Amazing beaches in Esperance !! I ‘m as green as the sea with envy !
    Lots if love xxxx

  • mum k says:

    Love the photos…especially the beach one that says ‘hi mum!’ Glad you had a happy choccy birthday darling. Now you and that tall boy have to knuckle down to working life like the rest of us mortals!!!! Hope Martin managed to see the Chinese F1 – very impressed he missed it for you 🙂
    Big mummyhugs xxxx

  • Dan says:

    Looks ace! That water is so clear, makes we want to be on holiday again.

    Were the wheel spin marks in the car park from the mighty corsa?! Haha.

    Hope you guys are doing well, speak soon
    Dan and Suzie

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