Esperance – Boogie boards, Emus and hot tubs

One of the days Marisha took me up to Michael and Anne’s farm where she had done her farm work, and where Bri had worked a few years back while on his first Australia trip. All things farming in Australia are just plain bigger than back home. The tractors are massive, the trailers are massive, and the fields are massive! Marisha took me out in the ute for a tour of some of the fields (or paddocks as they’re known over here) and only then did I get a real sense of the size of them, you could drive for quite a few minutes, at a decent pace, and you’d still be in the same one!

That's a BIG tractor! And that's a BIG field!

Back up at the farmhouse, Michael was telling us about the time him and Anne had visited New York, and specifically Manhattan. Michael and Anne’s old farm, aka the big one (because the one now is small…!) was the same size as Manhattan, except over 1.5 million people live there, and when they had the big farm, guess how many lived there? 6 people! That gives you a sense of the amount of room in Western Australia!

The following day, Bri had the afternoon off so we packed a picnic, our trunks and a boogie board and headed for Cape Le Grand National Park. About 40km from Esperance, this is one of the many beautiful areas of WA, but we were heading for one place in particular – Lucky Bay – widely known as the best beach in Australia. The weather was a bit against us that day with a strong wind taking the edge off the heat, but that didn’t stop us enjoying the white sandy beach or the crystal clear water any more than normal!

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand, Esperance Marisha, Martin and Bri - aka Team John Deere

Bri had brought along his boogie board (Basically like a small surf board/large float that you lie on) so the 2 of us headed out into the waves to see if we could ‘catch one’ (as the dudes would say). We spent a good amount of time out there, Mo even came out for a shot, taking it in turns to have a go, and between us we caught a grand total of 1 wave – and I say us, Bri was the one that managed it. But it was still a great laugh and I have to say Esperance really made me love getting into the water at the beach. One thing we did learn though was why the regulars wear those wet suit type tops, rash vests – we were just in our shorts and paid the price with some very raw skin on our torsos!

On our way back we saw our first proper piece of Australian wildlife – emus! Mo had her eyes glued to the side of the road and spotted them. A quick U-turn from Bri and we went back to see them, just in time as they started running into the trees as we pulled up! Wild Emus!

We also so a full size replica of Stonehenge that somebody has decided to build beside their house!

Stonehenge, WA

Oh and that night, we ended up in the hot tub with a couple of drinks…

Drinking in the hot tub...I sense a theme...

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  • Mum M says:

    Great to get an update. Amazing beaches. Aberdeen Beach not quite in the same league ! Looks like Bri has some stiff competition on the farm machinery!!

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