Esperance – Fishing, BBQs and hot tubs

The following day Mo and I headed out in the Barina along the Great Ocean Drive and back to 11 mile beach. When we arrived the place was packed…there was 1 man with a dog. They disappeared into the distance and the only other signs of life we saw were a couple of people who appeared in the car park up on the cliff but never ventured down onto the sand.

A busy 11 Mile Beach, Esperance It says Hello From Esperance!

That night Bri and Marisha took us to their local – The Gibson Soak – where they serve massive portions of steak, fish and other such awesome food. On the way home we went back to the Lookout (where Marisha, Mo and I had been) except this time it was to see the stars. The lack of population means hardly any light pollution so the view was amazing, you could clearly see the Milky Way and so many more stars and planets.

Saturday was our last full day in Esperance so we went out for a bit of a drive – first stop was the Dalyrup Winery. It was small, family run winery and when we pulled in it wasn’t exactly a hive of activity as the only life to see was the 2 dogs that came out to greet us. But once out of the car the owner appeared and took us into the main building that housed all the wine making equipment as well as the tasting bar. We sampled a few of their wines and bought some bottles to take with us.

Next stop was a nearby salt lake that had been recommended to Bri, but after a few detours down the narrow dirt tracks surrounding it, we were more than a little disappointed. It wasn’t the kind of place you would want to spend a sunny afternoon. So we jumped back in the ute and headed for our new favourite place, 11 Mile Beach! (And we saw some more emus on the way)

Bri had brought the fishing gear with us so he setup the rods and we headed out into the shallow part of the surf to fish into the deeper part. Unfortunately my first casting attempt got well and truly stuck on a rock (although Mo thought I’d caught something!) and Bri didn’t fare much better so we packed that in.

A failed attempt at fishing!

In the evening we fired up the BBQ and had a great night…in the hot tub with a few drinks (quite a few in the girls’ case 😉

Sunday morning, and while Mo and Marisha both had ‘a bit of a long lie’, Bri and I got up early and took Jack to the beach. Despite some persuasion from Bri, and a couple of attempts, Jack wasn’t keen for the water so Bri and I dived in and Jack sat on the beach eating Bri’s sunglasses.

What a way to clear your head after a Saturday night! Sunshine, clear blue water (chilly, but nice once you were in) and a splash around – I wish I could do that back home! The original plan had been for Mo and I to leave first thing that morning but, as she was still asleep when we got back to the house, I took advantage and headed with Bri to the local car show.

Good old V8 power Rat Rod

A good array of Aussie cars, utes and bikes, and roasting hot sunshine made for a nice end to our time in Esperance.

But unfortunately the time had come to get up (in Mo’s case), pack our things and wave goodbye to Bri, Marisha, Jack and Esperance. We loved our time there and want to once again say thanks to our hosts for housing us, feeding us, entertaining us and looking after us so well. Thanks guys!

On our drive back, we stopped off at Wave Rock which, the clue’s in the name, is a rock shaped like a wave. It was really impressive, standing roughly 20m high and totally shaped like a wave that’s about to break!

Martin at Wave Rock

Mo had been keeping her eyes peeled for some local wildlife and just as the sun was setting she spotted some elusive Kangaroos! Unfortunately by the time we’d stopped and got the camera they had bounded out of site, so you’ll just have to take our word for it!

Talking of the sunset, leaving Esperance later than planned did have its advantages…

The sun setting on our time in Esperance Like something from the Lion King

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