Flying to Melbourne

Monday, and it was time to head to our new home, Melbourne. It was an early start to get the airport bus, and what a day to be stuck on a plane. By 10am it was already 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, but nonetheless, we had to make the 3 and a half hour flight from one side of Australia to (nearly) the other. It really gives you a sense of the size of the country, and the clear skies made for a good view. Esperance from the sky! (I later discovered that at this point Bri was becoming a master boogie boarder – jealous)

Esperance from the air!

We landed in Melbourne about 6pm local time and then made our way to our temporary home (via bus and train) of the suburb of Seaford, to stay with Gill, Ali and Nelson (the dog). We arrived about 9.30pm and Gill was nice enough to come and collect us. So after some introductions and a chat, we headed to bed.

Gill is a distant relation of Mo’s (Gill’s Gran is Mo’s Great Gran’s Sister), who Mo and family had visited when she was about 12. Gill was very nice and asked us to stay until we found our own place in the city.

Our new home (for 3 months anyway), of Melbourne.


  • Lynsey and Evan says:

    Spooky, was just having a look to see if you’d updated anything recently cos people ask me all the time if I’ve heard from you and where you are. Australia s beautiful. Nice car pictures from esperance, will ask evan later what they are. Hope you’re both having a great time

    • martin says:

      You timed it well, I’ve only just posted that! We are thanks, we leave Melbourne on Tuesday, rushing to get the blog up to date 🙂 Say hi to everyone from me.

  • Mum M says:

    Cant believe it’s nearly time to say Goodbye to Melbourne. All the best for the next leg of your trip. Hawaii’s not that far off now !!

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