On the road again – Melbourne to Canberra

So after 10 very quick weeks in Melbourne, it was time to start travelling again. We won’t be in any one place for as long as Melbourne in the whole of 2012!

After our quick visit to Ramsay Street, we headed for Wilson’s Promontory, the southernmost point of mainland Australia, and a large National Park area. We drove through some pretty amazing scenery and down to Tidal River – we even saw a wombat beside the road on the way there.


Unfortunately there was some exceptionally heavy rain and flooding in the area last year so a lot of the paths and roads were closed for repair, so we didn’t actually make it to the southernmost tip.


We then made our way to our first stop on the road trip, Lakes Entrance. We arrived after dark, went for tea and then just relaxed in the room for the rest of the night.

The following morning we left and headed to Raymond Island, a small island a very short distance from the mainland that has a lot of Koalas. We took the shortest passenger ferry journey ever and then followed the walking trail round the island

Not a long ferry trip, that's the boat at the other side! The Koala Trail

It took a while but we did eventually start to see some Koalas in the trees.

Koalas - Unimpressed by tourists

There were also a lot of birds, including a couple of pelicans, which are officially massive!

Not a Pelican

We then headed for Buchan caves, only to discover that you’re only allowed to go into them as part of a guided tour, and we’d missed the only one of the day! So instead we walked up one of the paths to Devil’s Punchbowl, a massive hole in the rocks, as well as the entrance to one of the inaccessible caves. Mo was regretting the choice of freshly washed skinny jeans as we climbed up the steep hill!

The Devil's Punchbowl img_0821_06-06-2012 Not going in there!

Autumn has definitely arrived in Victoria.

Mo in the leaves

Then it was overnight stop number 2, Merimbula, in a motel with a pool. However it was a little bit chilly for an outdoor, non-heated pool, so the trunks stayed firmly in the bag! We had also entered our 3rd Australian state on the drive here

That'll be NSW then

The final leg of our drive to Canberra firstly took us up to Ben Boyd National Park, and to The Pinnacles. It involved a proper bush walk along some roughly worn paths, not a common place to find Mo! She was very proud of herself and only a little scared.

Mo hiking in the outback...sort of

The Pinnacles are a rock formation by the coast with 2 very distinct layers of different coloured stone

The Pinnacles, Ben Boyd National Park

I’m sure the eminent geologists (aka rock geeks) in the audience could explain the reason for that, but I certainly can’t!

Next stop was the Bega Cheese Factory, most definitely a Morag thing to do! We took advantage of the free tastings, had a look around the factory, ate lunch at the café and then hit the road.

Free cheese, Mo was in heaven

Narooma was next on the itinerary, mainly for ‘Australia Rock’, which isn’t actually a rock that looks like Australia, it’s a rock with a hole in it that looks like Australia.

Australia Rock

We were about to head back to the car when a passing couple told us there were some seals round the corner and right enough, there was 4 or 5 relaxing on the rocks.

Seals, chilling out That does not look comfy

We also spotted some of these, which we were later to discover were Galahs – birds, but also a word used for idiot in Oz!

Flamin' Galahs!

Oh and some of the afore-mentioned massive pelicans. The bird in the foreground is a fairly big seagull, but it looks tiny next to them!


Our journey ended at the Formule 1 hotel in Canberra. Not as good as the name suggests, things like hand towels, free tea and coffee, a shower big enough for anyone over 5 foot, and internet access that wasn’t a coin operated computer in the reception area were apparently too much to ask!

But it did the job, and we’d made it to the capital of Australia.

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  • mum k says:

    Fabby photos guys. VERY proud of my bushwalking daughter…even more impressed by Martin getting her there 🙂 Really enjoy reading about your adventures. Loads of love xxx

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