Canberra – A whistle stop tour

As we only had 2 nights in Canberra, we had to cram everything in so opted for a tour bus to see the main sights. It picked us up at the library and we went past various museums, galleries and government buildings, including the Australian Parliament. The flag which flies above it is larger that a double decker bus!


We also went past a number of the embassies, but not all of them as there are over 90. We got off the bus at the Australian War Memorial, a very large museum about the Australian and New Zealand war contributions, as well as large memorial area.

Canberra is setup so that there is a line that runs right through the city, from the hill that overlooks it, down through the parliament, up the mall to the war memorial – so the view from the steps is quite unusual.

A cold Mo!

As with the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, it was a sobering place, with the names of those who died in various wars really illustrating how many have been lost.

Just a portion of the names

Inside the museum is very big, an as we only had an hour we had a quick look around the aviation hall. It houses a number of actual planes from the Second World War set up in static displays showing how they were used, and laid out in a timeline from that start to the end of the war.


Then we went through to the Anzac Hall which had a Lancaster Bomber on display, one which had completed nearly 90 missions and returned safely from them all. There were also 2 large cinema screens showing short films about the First and Second World Wars.

We then jumped on the bus to take us back to the Library, firstly heading down the Mall which has a number of statues and memorials on either side in recognition of various groups and their contribution to the wars.

We had a look round a couple of exhibitions that were on in the library, one about Captain Cook, and the other an A-Z of Australian items, one related to each letter.

Outside, before jumping into the car to escape the horrible, cold, wet weather, we took a couple of photos but the river and the flags which are for each country that has an embassy in Canberra, from A to Z (They like things to be in order in Canberra!)

It was most definitely Autumn! A lovely day for a walk!

The next morning, as we didn’t have a full day’s journey ahead of us, we decided to go back to the War Memorial and look round some more of the exhibits. As it turned out, we only looked through the Second World War section, and that took us 2 hours, so we had to leave it at that. But it’s definitely a place you could spend a whole day in if you’re interested in that stuff.

One of the displays   A very large naval gun

And that was Canberra – next stop, Sydney!

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