Sydney – Landmarks and celebrity chefs

We arrived in Sydney to discover the hotel we were in wasn’t the best choice we’d made. So we had tea, stayed the night and then moved to a much nicer one in the Woolloomooloo area (you have to love the name!) which is down by the water and full of posh waterside restaurants and apartments.

Once checked in we headed down to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair which is a point in the harbour that looks over to the Opera House and the Bridge. Wow! Amazing to see something with our own eyes that is so recognisable around the world.

Mo and I at Syndey Harbour

Then that afternoon we had a booking at a place called Hux. Mo and I are both fans of the Masterchef Australia program (because it’s cool, ok!) and Hux is run by one of the contestants from the last series, Jay Huxley. To cut a long story short, we stayed there until it closed, had basically 2 meals, had a great chat with Jay and his apprentice chef Zoe, and then all got a lift home in Jay’s car! An ace way to spend the afternoon and Jay and Zoe are top people. Oh, and the food was amazing!

Mo and her new chef friend Jay

The following day (after a little bit of a long lie!) we walked round the Harbour and up to the bridge (lots of steps to get up to it!), then along it part of the way before walking up the first concrete pylon. Stunning views from the top looking down at the harbour and back towards the city skyline

Sydney Harbour from the bridge Mo and I on top of one of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons The Sydney skyline from the bridge

We then went back round the harbour and over to the Opera House. First stop was for a drink, and more specifically a cocktail that my Auntie Andrea and Uncle Alistair had given us money to buy before we left – talk about a drink with a view, thanks A & A!!

Our cocktails at the harbour

Then we walked round the Opera House taking in the view of it and the bridge as the sun set, stunning.

Sunset by Sydney Harbour Bridge In amongst the Opera House as the sun sets

Finally we strolled back to our hotel through the botanical gardens, home to a lot of large and very noisy cockatoos! The whole area was beautiful, very glad we moved hotel.

Next day we were back in the car and took a drive over the bridge to see a car place (my idea, surprisingly), a dealer that sold rare and performance cars. After some mundane stuff like buying washing powder we went to the Aquarium. Great selection of displays and tanks made it a good few hours, before we had tea overlooking the Darling Harbour area of Sydney.

Shark! Not a shark!

For our next day in Sydney we took a boat trip out to Manly and spent the day wandering around the town, sitting at the beach and eating amazing cakes at a place called Zumbo Patisserie, run by a guy called Adriano Zumbo, a regular guest chef of Masterchef who makes some crazy creations.

Then we got the ferry back to the harbour and had a walk around to see the sights at night. This was made even better by the fact that there was an outdoor exhibition on in the area with all the exhibits related to lights. There were lots of weird and wonderful things including some animations being projected onto some of the buildings, even the Opera House!

Mo at Manly Beach These cycled past us!

Our final day was a trip out to the Blue Mountains, an area about 2 hours north west of Sydney and home to a place called Katoomba Scenic World. It started out as a coal mine but is now a tourist attraction, and when you see the photos, you’ll understand why. You can take a ride on 3 different types of transport there, the Skyway, the Cableway and the Scenic Railway.

First off we went on the Skyway which is basically a cable car that goes across the top of a ravine, and which has a glass bottom so you can see how high up you are! We then took a walk round one of the many paths before heading back for the return Skyway journey.

Don't look down! Mo wading through the waterfall

Next up was the Scenic Railway. This is the oldest ‘ride’ here as it started life transporting workers and equipment for the coal mine up the very steep incline back in 1878, and has since seen quite a few upgrades (mainly for safety!) to what it is today. Which is a 310m ride down a 52 degree slope through the trees and rocks of the mountainside.

Not built for 6 foot plus people!

We then walked through the rainforest area on the boardwalk trail and then finally took the Cableway cable car back to the top of the mountain.

After that we drove into the town of Katoomba to see what can only be described as breath-taking views over the Blue Mountain range.

The Blue Mountains One of the Three Kings

For our final night we went to the Four In Hand pub, run by Colin Fassnidge, another guest chef on MC! Great food and a nice relaxed atmosphere in the pub.

And that was Sydney, we both loved it and wished we had had longer there. We’ll be back!


  • MumM says says:

    Keep up the good work, great to get another blog! Yes Sydney Bridge and the Opera House must have been an amazing sight to see. Auntie Andrea would definately agree with that .She’d be wishing she could have joined you for the cocktail !!

  • mum k says:

    Brings back lots of memories of the trip we had to Australia when Morag and Fiona were just wee! Well done that boy! 2 blog updates on the same day…who knows? you might get to New Zealand before you leave the USA (LOL). lots of love to both of you. xxx

  • Aunty A says:

    Made me re live Australian trip but nothing tops the Opera House and Blue Mountains. Just jealous!!! Enjoy the rest of the trip and glad you enjoyed the cocktails. Longing to see you when you get back. Love from all here. A

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